Apparently, Democrat kingpins which includes the likes of Chuck Shumer and Nancy Pelosi thinks Trump bid to build a border wall is “An Immorality”

During a Town Hall Event on Friday, Nancy Pelosi reffered to the implementation of the U.S.-Mexico border wall as an immorality. When asked how much will be given to the president to stop the government shutdown, she sarcastically said a ‘dollar’.


While Nancy Pelosi has been criticized and denounced on tweeter for her ‘border wall is immoral’ sentence,

President Trump did not hesitate to drag her along with her gangs to the open during his Oval office speech on the Humanitarian and National Security Crisis.

During President Trump’s address at the Oval office, he slammed Pelosi over hypocrisy while stating that wealthy politicians build fences and walls around their houses not for hatred of the people outside but for the love of those inside. This is one hard fact that cannot be argued.

His message to Nancy Pelosi and her followers is been tagged as the #BestTrumpLine on tweeter.

He said

Some suggested a barrier is immoral. Then why do politicians build walls around their homes? They don’t build walls bc they hate people on the outside. But bc they love the people on the inside. The only thing that’s immoral is politicians who do nothing.

It no wonder Pelosi cried for help the moment President Trump was offered airtime