After canceling his very important trip to the annual world economic forum in Davos Switzerland, President Trump flew to McAllen, Texas for his visit to the southern U.S. border.

A lot of supporters who wore MAGA hats came out in support of the President. The President shook some hands and signed some MAGA hats. The supporters can be heard chanting “Thank you for all that you do,” “We support you, Mr. President,” “Keep it up Mr. President,” and “Build that wall!”

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With the success of the Oval office speech, the Dear Diary video made by Jim Acosta, and the support of the people of Texas, one could say the President has so far been victorious against the Democrats.

But these supports did not go unnoticed by the venomous Democrat supporters. They were also ready to fight tooth and nail to the very end against the president.

In as much as the president received praise and warmth from his supporters, the anti-border wall supporters were also right across the street awaiting his arrival.

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