Ben Shapiro, an American Conservative Political Commentator and Editor in Chief of The Daily Wire just ‘Slam Dunked’ Ocasio-Cortex with a single line of tweet.

This happened after the Democrat Socialist, Ocasio-Cortex as usual, took to tweeter with one of her endless attacks on President Trump.

She claimed to have understood the type of the president during her days working as a bartender and that she has successfully gotten under his skin.

“I bartended for *years* in New York City. I understand guys like this like the back of my hand.” This was in response to President Trump totally ‘shunning’ the “Mr President, Congress woman Ocasio-Cortex called you a racist” question asked by a reporter on his way to New Orleans.

President Trump replied to the question, “Who did?” and the reporter shouted “Congress woman Ocasio-Cortex”. But the President immediately dismissed the question, saying “Who care’s?” And this really triggered Ocasio-Cortex, making her respond in a tweet..

But “Glad you’re qualified for something” Ben Shapiro replied, ‘adding more sauce to a very hot soup’

The Conservative man have been trying to get under her skin for some time now, do you think this will finally do the trick and get her into a studio with him?