Kamala Harris, American Attorney and current senator for California announced on Monday that she is running for 2020 Presidential election. arguing it is time to fight against the injustice of the past two years under the reign of President Trump.

Well not up to 24hrs after her declaration, Kamala is already fighting for more than the injustice she claims President Trump has done to the people, as Undercover Investigative Journalist David Daleiden with One America’s Neil W. McCabe had some interesting stories of Kamala’s array of injustice to share with the american people.

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David Deleiden describing Kamala Harris on One America News, said “Kamala Harris as California attorney general engaged in a selective politically motivated view-point discriminatory prosecution against my self and one of CNP’s Undercover Investigator Sandra Merit”

Kamala prosecution was “completely legally unjustified on the facts and on the law” Said David. Claiming that it was done to vindicate and prop-up Planned Parent Hoods political narrative at the same time that planned Parent Hood was a Major Campaign contributor for her run for U.S Senate.

“Not a single undercover video journalist has ever been prosecuted in the state of California for recording and publishing undercover video, we are the first ones, this is the first and only case.” he continued Saying its a joke for Kamala to be running for higher office when she has a track record of being a sellout and an attacker of the first amendment civil rights of normal everyday american citizens.

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