Right when we thought all the skeletons hidden under the cape of the Fusion GPS-that was by the way paid for by Hillary Clinton, as an effort to go after her GOP rival Donald Trump, has been flushed out.

Cold chills run down the spine as new evidence say otherwise.

According to a report by Thomas Daine

Fusion GPS had many Journalists on their payroll, while News Companies Paid Firm to Dig up Dirt on Trump.

FBI insiders confirm Fusion GPS employed law firms as well as shell companies to send and receive funds to and from media and reporters. But the embattled firm also used its accounts at TD Bank to directly commission reporters. Likewise, Fusion GPS received funds from media companies into its own accounts at TD Bank.

There are dozens of payments from the media flowing into their (Fusion GPS’) account,” one federal law enforcement official said. “One company wired funds to Fusion (GPS) more than a dozen times.

While the media oulets fully involved in this fixer game of Fusion GPS has not been listed, its no longer a question of whether or not Trump was a Target of their atrocities. As most of the payments made were incline with the time Donald Trump became POTUS.