Hell Broke Loose As Dem’s Cover up DAMNING Evidence To Maintain Power In Virginia

Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, the poised successor to replace the racist blackface Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam, has also been called to resign by the National Organization For Women amidst Sexual Assault allegations.

In the wake of Ralph Northams resignation, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax whose life just came under scrutiny has been found to be probable perpetrator of Sexual assault against Vanessa Tyson ‘a Stanford Fellow and Scripps University professor’.

Vanessa Tyson, who informed the Washington post of her assault in 2017 after she saw a picture of Mr. Fairfax accompanying an article. In her words said

“I saw a picture of Mr. Fairfax accompanying an article in The Root about his campaign for Lt. Governor in Virginia. The image hit me like a ton of bricks, triggering buried traumatic memories and the feelings of humiliation I’d felt so intensely back in 2004.” “Unsure of what to do, I felt it was crucial to tell close friends of mine in Virginia, who were voters, about the assault.” She added

One of the people Vanessa Tyson told of her assault was Democratic Lawmaker Bobby Scott. ‘A Harvard University and Boston College Law School graduate and the first African-American to represent Virginia in Congress since 1890.

Bobby Scott became aware of the sexual assault allegations against his fellow Democratic Colleague Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax since December 2017 but took no action of any sorts.

Vannessa Tyson, the victim of this assault gave Bobby Scott’s name to the Washington post as a witness in pursuit for justice against Lt. Justin Fairfax, but the investigation was cut short after Washington post said there was no evidence to corroborate her story.

Even though there is no concrete proof, one could say Bobby Scott, who also has a history of sexual assault allegation might have threw the Washington post scent off the case as he was approached as a witness.

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