Petrified Nancy Pelosi Unknowingly SMEARS Her Self On Live TV..Watch (Video)

posted by Jake February 16, 2019 2 Comments

On February 14th ‘valentines day’, 78years old Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the U.S House of Rep. wished Americans “Happy Thanksgiving.” (Related; Finally, Pelosi FURIOUS, goes down HARD With Worst News of Her Remaining Career.) 

The 78years old has been know to have constant brain freez while talking to reporters, confusing one word for the other, having difficulty in pronunciations and even being forgetful. Symptoms one would say are similar to that of dementia.

Happy Valentine’s Day. We saluted our victory – or the victory for the American people – earlier with chocolate. Chocolate from California, I call it the champagne of chocolate. So again, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. You should go home now to your loved ones. Said Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi also have the problem of repeating the same words over and over again being stuck in a loop. Her response to President Trump’s National Emergency declaration is one of the latest, as she got stuck with the word ‘It’ for nearly 10 seconds

“The President can declare an emergency on something that he has created as an emergency— it, it, it, it, an illusion that he wants to convey,” she said.

With dear old Nancy’s condition, one would say it is long past time for her to step down and rest for the rest of her life, while more healthy individual take her place.

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Joan Lyttle March 16, 2019 at 11:00 pm

Do we not have laws that will force mentally ill people out of office. It is obvious Nancy Pelosi is mentally ill. Reporters say it Republicans say it and now even Democrats are saying it. It is my opinion that she is severely mentally ill. Do you not think that other countries around the world see this? Do you not think they are not laughing at us? This woman should have been taken out of office last go-around she never should have had a chance to show what a six-year-old does as Speaker of the House. It is obvious that she can’t think most of the time. Her recall is shot. It is obvious that anger is just under the surface with her all the time. As was evidenced when she told the DACA protesters who met her outside calling her a liar that they did not know what they were talking about. I never heard her say that more evilly. Nancy acts more like a small child now she is regressing quickly. This was evidenced when she went chasing down the senator and had to be escorted out. So does everybody think it’s cute that America in her house has a half-wit running the show. That is what Nancy Pelosi is now. Half or better of her wits are gone and it’s obvious nearly every time she opens her mouth now. Her actions are those of maybe a street-smart 14 year old. And they are regressing quickly. Is there no one who can remove her from office. I as an American citizen do not like the fact that a half what makes decisions over my life. I am smart enough to know she’s losing her brains and I don’t want her in office. She is incompetent to perform the job the evidence there is the she has no comprehension that this nation is being invadedshe has no comprehension that this nation is being invaded by a Muslim populace. Yet there is no one with enough backbone to put her out. If it takes a special piece of paper signed one for me I would be glad to do the job. It is just too bad that the woman probably won’t even know what’s happening by the time they send her to a firing squad.and yes I believe her and Schumer both deserve to go to a firing squad as traitors to this nation over that border wall alone. And that’s not to mention El Chapo and all the money she’s taken from him and the reason they want that border open. The reason they want it open is because first and foremost they need the votes and then they know that big Pharma throws them kickbacks for all the junkies that the illegal drugs make. child trafficking for senators Governors and Congressman goes through those open borders and that was shut down a very lucrative cannibalism party for probably all of them. I heard other countries on television say that they had paid Obama Pelosi Clinton several people to leave those borders open so they can traffic humans and drugs through there. The illegal aliens are what they want you to focus on so they can continue giving away with the abuses of the people of this nation and most especially our children.I could say a lot more but I guess this Ranch has long enough. Not that I really think you’re going to listen or anybody’s going to remove Pelosi. I will believe that all these people are in get my when I see it with my own eyes. I have faith in God. that he will cause our president to allow all of America to see the trials and to send these people to a firing squad. The people of this nation need to see that before healing can begin. Even a psychiatrist knows that we deserve the right to confront these people. And to witness the fact that they truly are dead for the crimes they committed against us and they were against us we were all hurt by them we all deserve recompense please start with the clintons and the Obamas. I am 64 in the clintons have been doing this since I was in the sixth grade. Our Civics teacher was quick to point that out. Well thanks for the story and have a great night you guys God bless

Jeff Sampson March 25, 2019 at 10:22 pm

You did such a marvelous job of saying what American citizens think and feel about her.
I personally thank you for taking the time to write that article!
God bless,


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