Limbaugh IGNITES Deep State PANIC, Proves Mueller Investigation, A ‘COVER UP,’ Meant To ‘Distract Everybody’s Attention’

On sunday, Rush Limbaugh, a conservative talk radio host  said he believes special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation was launched to “cover-up” the misdeeds within the Justice Department, including the FBI’s attempted “coup” against President Donald Trump.

During a Fox News interview with host Chris Wallace, Limbaugh was asked to respond on the Andrew McCabe’s involvement with Rod Rosseinstein to invoke the 25th Amendment against the president. The act Limbaugh previously described as a “Silent Coup.”

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Limbaugh said “Because these people are unelected, they took it upon themselves to overthrow the election results of 2016, ignoring the potential real collusion and conspiracy between Democrats and Russians to undermine the Trump candidacy and the Trump presidency.”

“The Mueller investigation, I believe, is a cover-up of all of that. He continued. “It’s to distract everybody’s attention. Adding that “this is one of the greatest political hoaxes that has ever been perpetrated on the people of this country.”

The conservative talk host also said “We’re losing sight of what happened here, people unelected simply because they don’t like the guy’s hairstyle or where he came from decided the American people’s decision was invalid and began a systematic process to get him thrown out of office. This is a silent coup.”

Later stating the obvious fact that none of President Trump’s associates who have been prosecuted, have actually been prosecuted for the main reason the investigation into Trump started in the first place, which is Collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

He said the prosecution of Paul Manafort and others affiliated with the Trump campaign were

“designed to make it look like there was some kind of collusion between Trump and Russia.”

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Rodney Smith

I sincerely hope that The Muller Investigation is finally over and we can let our very able President Trump continue to “Make America Great Again”

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