Heads About To Roll, Hillary PETRIFIED, Trump Launch official ATTACK On Deep State Operatives

In a tweet on Sunday, President Trump draged out Hillary Clinton and her cabal of Corrupt Democratic National Committee members for their collusion with the Russians.

“The only Collusion with the Russians was with Crooked Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.” Trump said, Asking “where’s the Server that the DNC refused to give to the FBI?” And “Where are the new Texts between Agent Lisa Page and her Agent lover, Peter S.? We want them now!”

The Russian Collusion “Witch Hunt” into the President has proven nothing, other than a clear conspiracy driven by political aims with concrete fact that the wrong person has been under the microscope for two years.

The gatewaypundit layed out some facts, which includes;

  • Crooked Hillary Clinton colluded with foreigners during the 2016 election to illegally spy on her political opponent, Donald Trump.
  • Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid millions of dollars for a fraudulent Russia dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele.
  • FBI’s chief of counterintelligence, Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page were caught exchanging anti-Trump text messages over the summer of 2017. And many others

But non of this are considered crimes by the Democrats since Hillary Clinton is not the person they have in their cross hairs.

With millions of dollars spent on countless inveatigations, not a single evidence has been uncovered to proof Trump colluded with the Russians. Investigations by both the House Intelligence Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee conclusively said no Collusion. (Related; Democrats In Panic Mode; Senate Intel Dems. Forced To Admit, No Collusion Between Trump And Russia) 

Now Trump demands an investigation into the corrupt FBI officials whom in collaboration with corrupt DOJ officials have worked tirelessly to cover-up the criminal acts carried out by Hillary Clinton.

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Collette shumate

It is time for these Dem’s need to be held accountable for all this crap against our President Trump! The best president this country has ever had.

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