Crooked Hillary Clinton FURIOUS As Bernie Sander DISSES Her, Drops The Shocker On Her Actions In 2020 Presidential Bid “I Think Not” (VIDEO)

On friday, 2020 Presidential Candidate and Dem. Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders appeared on The View, and dropped the shocker on Hillary Clinton.

When meghan McCain asked Sanders if he would be seeking Clinton’s advice for his 2020 Presidential bid, saying
“We’re hearing about a lot of Democratic candidates who are meeting with Hillary Clinton for advice like people like Amy Klobuchar — do you think you’ll do the same?”

Sanders said “I suspect not…no, she has not called me.” Adding that although he respects the Clinton’s, they dont agree on everything.
“We have differences, you know, Hillary has played a very important role in modern American politics,” he said.

Sanders didn’t pass the opportunity to publicly show his despise for president Trump,  saying although he hopes to be the presidential nominee of the party, but if he’s not and it’s somebody else, he will support the candidate. “If I am not, and somebody else is, I will support that candidate because what’s most important is that Trump be defeated”

“We are gonna run an unprecedented, grass-roots campaign which is going to bring our people together, doing exactly the opposite of what Trump is trying to do,” Sanders said. “He’s trying to divide us up.” Sanders added, “This time, we’re gonna win.”

According to Thegatewaypundit,
Hillary Clinton completely took over the DNC in 2016 and rigged the primaries in her favor — leaked DNC emails which ended up on WikiLeaks showed how the Dems screwed over Bernie Sanders.

Although Bernie Sanders eventually buried the hatchet and campaigned for Hillary Clinton for the last few months of the 2016 presidential campaign, it appears there may still be some bad blood.

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I personally think He should put aside whatever differences they have. At the end of the day it’s about winning.

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