After Multiple Corruptions, Crooked Comey UNDER FIRE For Demanding Full Transparacy In Mueller’s Investigation

posted by Jake March 6, 2019 1 Comment

Former FBI Director James Comey is making the case that extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary transparency.

In an opinion piece to the Washington Post, James Comey says the greatest degree of transparency is possible and warranted an investigation of the presidency.

“It doesn’t happen often, because ordinarily nothing outweighs the privacy interest of the subject of an investigation that ends without public charges.” Comey said,

“But department tradition recognizes that transparency is especially important where polarized politics and baseless attacks challenge law enforcement credibility.”

Comey who was fired by President Trump in may 2017 and who leaked his private memos to the media to kick start the special council investigation whilst there’s precedent for releasing detailed findings.

Its not clear how or whether AG Barr will interpret Comey’s position. During his confirmation hearing, Mr Barr promised transparency with department rules.

“The current regulations, the special council report is confidential.” Barr said. “The report that goes public will be a report by the Attorney General.

Adding “what I’m saying is my objective and goal is to get as much as i can of the information to congress and the public.”

For context Former Director Comey was roundly criticised and directly faulted by the Justice department Inspector General, for releasing damaging information about the Clinton emails and recommending against Criminal charges.

Inspector General Horowitz said, Comey departed “clearly and dramatically from FBI and department norms, the decisions negatively impacted the perception of the FBI and the department as fair administrators of justice.”

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Yaya March 6, 2019 at 5:19 am

Hillary Clinton must be arrested, held and tried for her duplicity! She absolutely acted as a double agent for China through her dleliberately deceptive email campaign. She removed Americas power by performing Pay for Play to countless nations, many of those nations are technically enemies of America. Multiple murders where coroners were ‘manipulated’ and forced by Clinton and her agents into ruling obvious murders as ‘suicide’. VinceFoster did not shoot himself twice in the back of the head! Letting this horrible, muderous woman go free is a foolish, irresponsibly dangerous non-action that will diminish our entire country’s ability to fairly try criminal activity. Everyone that has paid any attention to politics over the last ten years knows Clinton is guilty of an inordinate amount of treasonous activity that has resulted in the murder of countless, innocent American patriots.


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