On Sunday, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff appeared on NBC to discuss the ongoing investigation into the Russia Collusion Witch Hunt.

During the interview, NBC host Chuck Todd asked Adam Schiff if Mueller is making a mistake by not having President Trump testify under oath.

Crooked Schiff said “yes, I think it is a mistake, and I’ve said it all along that I don’t think Bob Mueller should rely on written answers,” Schiff continued. “When you get written answers from a witness it’s really the lawyer’s answers as much as the client’s answer.”

Adding that “mueller is under “time pressure” to conclude his work and that President Trump has made over 100 false statements to the public already.”

Despite several reports providing zero evidence that Trump-Russia Collusion during the 2016 election, Schiff’s House Intel Committee and Nadlers House Judiciary Committee have both launched aggressive investigations into Trump’s personal life, finances and Russia.

Sending multiple subpeona’s to individuals with a shred of link to the President.Schiff has been known for his unorthodox methods involved in his pursuit to get Mr. President and he has severally come under series of well deserved fire for it. 

-Trey Gowdy Called Schiff a “Three Eyed Raven

-Dan Bongino Called Schiff the “Sleaziest Swamp Rat

-Trump has also blasted Dem. Rep. Adam Schiff and Russian “Collusion Delusion.”