Newly Released PANDORA BOX Sets Stage For GITMO Occupants, Worst NIGHTMARE For Top DEEP STATE SWAMP

Rep. John Ratcliffe posted an excerpt of Page’s testimony on twitter; “Lisa Page confirmed to me under oath that the FBI was ordered by the Obama DOJ not to consider charging Hillary Clinton for gross negligence in the handling of classified information.”

This has been one of the most significant and controversial partisan bias of all time.

Nunes reacting to these on Fox News said; “I think it’s very significant. Look it’s never made any sense.”

Comparing Hillary’s case to anybody in the intelligence community which he said incudes the FBI, Nunes told Host Bill Hemmer that if anyone were to be involved in such a leak, “they would be fired. They would be in prison. They would be prosecuted.” (Related; Hell Froze Over, Biggest Revelation Lands Obama DOJ, FBI in Hot Waters, Trump Was Right All Along)

Adding that the bottom line is, Hillary should have been held accountable and she wasn’t. “And there was an orchestrated effort, a conspiracy so to speak, to insure that she was not prosecuted.”

Knowing fully well the magnitude of Hillary Clinton’s crimes, James Comey, Former director of the FBI had publicly supported her freedom multiple times when addressing the investigation involving her Email Scandal.

Last month in Florida, Comey said “There is zero chance, zero chance, on the facts in the Hillary Clinton case, that she would be prosecuted.” (Related; ITS OUT!! James Comey Publicly SUPPORT Clinton, Says ‘Zero chance’ She gets PROSECUTED For Her Emails)

When asked to respond to Comey’s comments, Nunes said; “I’m not sure what credibility Comey has left. I mean, he went out and sold a book.”

“This guy brought tremendous disgrace on the FBI. We are still trying to get to the bottom and clean up what has been a total disaster for the FBI and DOJ. And we’re a long way from getting it cleaned up to get the FBI and Department of Justice back on track so that the American people have confidence in their capabilities,” he said.

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