Bombshell Report: Entire DNC Taking COVER, Damning Evidence Emerges of Ukrainian Plot to Sway 2016 Election for Clinton

As the Russia Collusion that allergies Trump involvement comes to an end, newly unraveled evidence drops nuke, suggests Ukrainian interference with the 2016 election.
This time, in Collusion with the Clinton Campaign / Democrats.

According to John Solomon of The Hill, a Ukranian top prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko, on Wednesday during an interview, said he has opened an investigation into whether his country’s law enforcement apparatus intensionally leaked financial records during the 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign about then-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort in an effort to sway the election in favor of Hillary Clinton.

John Solomon said, General Yurii’s probe was prompted by a Ukrainian parliamentarian’s release of a tape recording purporting to quote a top law enforcement official as saying his agency leaked the Manafort financial records to help Clinton’s campaign.

elease of those financial records sparked the emenent resignation of Former Trump Campaign chairman Paul Manafort and also the eve of the Russia Collusion ‘witch hunt’ which have been on for nearly three years.

“Lutsenko said the tape recording is a serious enough allegation to warrant opening a probe, and one of his concerns is that the Ukrainian law enforcement agency involved had frequent contact with the Obama administration’s U.S. Embassy in Kiev at the time.” Telling John Solomon that a criminal investigation is going to be launched and legal assessment of this information given.

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