It’s Not Over Yet, Watch LEFTIST Conspiracy Theorists Suffer Epic MELTDOWN Over Mueller’s Report On Live TV

Now that the Mueller investigation is over, with no new indictments and clear contradictions to the lies of the corrupt leftist media for the last two years, they are beginning to fall apart and grow unhinged.

As if the tears of MSNBC’s top Russiagate conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow, who has made a career off the Russian Collusion hoax was not enough,


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews also went nuts on live TV over the Mueller’s attempted coup of President Trump failed miserably.
On Friday night, and at the top of his voice, frustrated Chris screamed “HOW CAN THEY LET TRUMP OFF THE HOOK?!”

“The investigation is over and according to a senior DOJ official there will be no further indictments. That means no charges against the President, his children or associates after all those meetings with the Russians. Not only that but the Special Counsel completely his report and signed off on it without ever directly interviewing the President of the United States about collusion or obstruction of justice,” Matthew said.

Matthews repeated over and over again that Trump never answered any of Mueller’s questions in person.
“Why was there never an interrogation of this president? We were told for weeks by experts – you cannot deal with an obstruction of justice charge or an investigation without getting the motive, you can’t get the motive without hearing from the person himself who’s been the target of the investigation,” Matthews said. “How could they let Trump off the hook? ”

For more of Chris Matthews tears, watch


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