After long days of waiting, millions of dollars spent and the continious lies to the american people by the democrats, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff on Sunday, said the special counsel Robert Mueller made “a mistake” by not interviewing President Donald Trump during his investigation into Trump-Russia Collusion

On ABC’s “This Week, Schiff told host George Stephanopoulos that;

“I’ve said this all along: It was a mistake to rely on written responses by the president,” saying those answers to prosecutors are more of what the “lawyer has to say than what the individual has to say.”

“I can certainly understand why the lawyers like [Trump attorney Rudy] Giuliani were fighting this because the president is someone who seems pathologically incapable of telling the truth for long periods of time,” Schiff (D-Calif.) said.

“But, nonetheless, if you really do want the truth, you need to put people under oath, and that should have been done,” he said.

Speculating that Mueller’s decision might have been influenced by long standing DOJ policies against indicting sitting Presidents.

“The special counsel may have made the decision that, as he could not indict a sitting president on the obstruction issue, as it would draw out his investigation, that that didn’t make sense,” Schiff said.