On Tuesday, President Trump called out for a counter investigation into how the FBI and Mueller investigations began in the first place.

“I hope they now go and take a look at the origins of the investigation, the beginnings of the investigation.” Trump said. “You look at the origin of the investigation, where it started, how it started, who started it.”

Calling the names of some very corrupt Top FBI official names, Trump added;
“Whether it‘s former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe or Comey or a lot of them, where does it go? How high up in the White House did it go?” This might be in light of the recent discovery of Former President Obama’s involvement in orchestrating the illegal spying of Donald Trump before he became POTUS.

In response to this, Disgraced Former Director Comey during an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, condemned President Trump’s calls for a possible investigation into how special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia inquiry started, adding that it creates a troubling precedent.

When asked if he feared possible counterinvestigations?, Comey said “I don’t fear it personally. I fear it as a citizen.” Although sounding ‘Terrified’ that President Trump and his DOJ might find all his hidden skeletons, Comey asked, what exactly is going to be investigated? “What would be the crime you’d be investigating?” Warning that “it’s a terrible cycle to start.”

Comey also condemned the president’s rhetoric of “calling for the locking up of his political opponents, including people like me,” he said “It will just be more of that dangerous step.”

In the end, Comey stylishly seeking for rescue from sympathetic republicans, added “I hope, although he’ll (President Trump) continue to disappoint me, the Republicans would finally stand up and say that kind of thing” in hopes of some republi can supports.