According to a leak from Mueller’s team to the New York Times, the Mueller’s report is more damaging to Trump than what Barr revealed in his four page summary of No Collusion.
This leak has gotten Democrat Kingpins and the rest of the caucus spooked and and filled with hopes of a negative outcome when AG Barr finally decides to release the full report.

While working tirelessly to obtain Mueller’s full Trump report without redactions, the likes of Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA) Chairman of House Ways And Means Committee and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) House Speaker are wilding political power to get Trumps Tax return for the last Six-years.

Responding to a reporter, on whether or not “the president is going to instruct the IRS to give up his tax returns or will the president seek some type of fight to keep those returns from being released?”

WH Press Secretary Sarah Sander said; “Look we’re not interested in playing some bunch of political games like the Democrats and Congress clearly wanna spend their time doing, the president is focused on actual solving real problems like the crisis at the border, dealing with health care on a number of other fronts, and we’re not engaging in that.”

On Thursday, Old Nancy Pelosi lost her cool and almost had a heart attack, demanding the release of Trump’s tax returns and the release of Mueller’s report.
“Show us the Mueller report,” Speaker Pelosi said, pounding the lectern. “Show us the tax returns. And we’re not walking away just because you say ‘no’ the first time around.”

Democrats have previously seeked for the last 10 years of Trumps Tax Returns and failed. Now they want it for the last 6yrs.
Responding to their request on Wednesday, Trump said “is that all?.” Adding that the democrats are giving up because they usually asked for that of the last 10yrs.

“We’re under audit,” Trump continued. “Despite what people said and we’re working that out — I’m always under audit it seems — I’ve been under audit for many years because the numbers are big and guess when you have a name, you’re audited.”
“Until such time that I’m not under audit, I would not be inclined to do that,