Speaking at the Senate hearing on Wednesday, Attorney General William Barr sent shock waves through the spine of many Democrats with a single line of truth when he said Trump’s 2016 campaign was spied on.
This caused unhinged Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer and others to lash out in anguish with hopes that A.G. Barr will work back his statement.
Well that’s not gonna happen.

“I think spying did occur,” Barr said during a Senate hearing. “But the question is whether it was adequately predicated and I am not suggesting that it wasn’t adequately predicated but I need to explore that. I think it’s my obligation… I am not suggesting those rules were violated, but I think it is important to look at that. And I am not talking about the FBI necessarily, but intelligence agencies more broadly.”
“I am going to be reviewing both the genesis and the conduct of intelligence activities directed at the Trump campaign during 2016,” Barr said.

During an interview with The Associated Press, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi freaked out, said she doesn’t trust Attorney General William Barr and his statements undermine his independence as the nation’s top law enforcement officer.

“Let me just say how very dismaying and disappointing that the chief law enforcement officer of our country is going off the rails yesterday and today.” “He is not the attorney general of Donald Trump. He is the attorney general of the United States,” “I don’t trust Barr, I trust Mueller.” Pelosi added.

Meanwhile Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in a tweet Wednesday accused Bill Barr of spreading conspiracy theories and demanded Barr “retract his statement or produce specific evidence to back it up.”

As House Democrats pursue oversight of the Trump administration beyond the Mueller probe, Trump has complained that Democrats will never be satisfied. He and his allies call it presidential harassment.

Asked what would satisfy Democrats, Pelosi said: “I’ll be satisfied when we have a new president of the United States who is a Democrat.”
‘This is all about the politics for Democrats, with Zero interest in the well being of the American people.’