In a desperate attempt to destroy president Trumps administration, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal (D-Mass.) on Saturday sent a second letter to the IRS in his push to obtain his tax returns.

According to the letter, US President Donald Trump’s tax returns must be given to House Democrats by 23 April, adding that failure to comply with the new deadline would be interpreted as a denial of request.

Chairman Neal also stated that his committee is interested in the returns because it is considering legislative proposals and oversight relating to tax laws, including the extent to which the IRS enforces tax laws against a sitting president.

On Saturday, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin replied in a bold statement when he said he could not commit to meeting Democrats’ new April 23 deadline for turning over President Donald Trump’s tax returns to them, adding that he wanted to keep the Internal Revenue Service from being “weaponized” for political gain.

Speaking to reporters, Mnuchin said “the implication of this is way beyond in my mind a congressional oversight issue, and a president issue.” “I feel a responsibility that we get this right and that the IRS does not become weaponized like it was under the Nixon administration.” Mnuchin said.

With the failure of the the just concluded Mueller Trump-Russia probe that took a massive toll on the entire Democrats, they are hell bent on on finding any other means to get to the president.