After FAILED Countless Attacks, TERRIFIED Pelosi Lies, Uses Americas Safety To SMEAR Trumps Name Against 2020

As 2020 draws near, Democrats are getting more anxious and losing their minds with the idea that President Trump may likely be in the oval office for a second term.

House Speaker Pelosi speaking at the London School of Economics and Political Science on Monday, claimed that the United States may not survive if Trump gets reelected in 2020.
Although the question asked of Pelosi wasn’t whether or not the U.S would survive a second term in the hands of President Trump, Speaker Pelosi saw an opportunity to cry out to the impending defeat of the Democrats in 2020 and took the chance.

Asked how Congress would restore “social and political norms” in the U.S. if Democrats win back the presidency and retake control of Congress in the upcoming election?
Pelosi said “Already members have legislation. Congresswoman DeLauro, members of the Ways and Means Committee that are here today have legislation to codify: if you’re running for president, if you’re the nominee of the party, you have to show your tax returns.”

“If there happens to be a president who will not adhere to the norms. If he appoints judges or an attorney general who says the president is above the law, ‘I don’t think a president can be indicted,’ this or that. Then there’s a real problem,” she added.
Then jokingly saying that “our country is a great country. We can withstand anything. Maybe not two terms though.”

This is no surprise of new talking point for the Democrats since none of their presidential candidates will be a March for Trump.
Calling out two Democrat presidential candidates, Trump tweeted “May God Rest Their Soul.” Saying a prayer for the old souls of Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and Creepy Joe Biden.

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