All Hell Broke Loose, Mueller IMPLICATED In His Own Russian ‘Witch Hunt’

After the collusion question has been answered, a whole new cover up blew in the face of Special counsel Robert Mueller. That is whether or not did Mueller and his prosecutors realized they had no case, and why was nothing done to stop the 22-months ‘witch hunt’?

According to high ranking officials in the DOJ, Robert Mueller had completed the major parts of the Russia probe in August 2018. Months before the midterm elections, there was enough evidence to clear the president of the cloud of collusion. However, the release of this information happened 5 months post elections.

So it appears that Mueller was not only partisan in the process of the investigation, but he also helped influence the midterm election in favor of the Democrats.
Both Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein and Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions knew that Mueller was sitting on information that would clear President Trump once and for all.

According to RedState – At the time Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed his long-time mentor and friend Robert Mueller to the Special Counsel in May 2017, the FBI had been conducting their counterintelligence investigation for ten months. FBI lawyer Lisa Page told lawmakers they had no evidence that Trump had colluded with the Russians in July 2016, nor did they have evidence in May 2017.