After $30m Wasted Tax Money, Dem’s STUNNED Former Obama DOJ Burst Trump-Obsession

On Monday, Former Obama DOJ official dropped the nuke on Trump-Obsessed Democrats. Speaking to The Hill, He suggested that the public are getting “lost” in questions over whether President Trump obstructed justice, and that the focus should instead be on Trump’s conduct.

Speaking to a reporter, Elliot Williams, the former Deputy Assistant Attorney General said “For us as people and for Congress as a body, the determination should not be: Is it a crime or is it not? It’s is the conduct proper.”

Speaking of conduct, the 22-months long garbage report of Special Counsel Robert Mueller cost a sum of $30million. An estimate which the special counsel’s office, conducting the hoax investigation said If additional expenditures are taken into account, the final estimate for the cost of the Mueller investigation reaches around $31m.

Earlier Friday, President Trump went off on the garbage Mueller report, calling some of the tales in the report “bullshit.”
“This was an Illegally Started Hoax that never should have happened,” Trump tweeted Friday morning.

Trump was a victim of illegal spying activity paid for by Hillary Clinton and phony Barack Obama. A fact Attorney General William Barr stunned Corrupt Democrats with, during a Senate hearing in April.

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