On Friday, ‘pencil neck’ Adam Schiff appeared on Bill Maher’s show, where the two discussed the Russia probe.

At the course of the show, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff went of the rail with his impeachment claims, despite Mueller saying no obstruction and no collusion took place.
This was after Bill Maher asked Schiff “If you couldn’t impeach before [the Mueller report] how are you going to impeach after [its release]?”

“I’m not there yet on impeachment,” Schiff replied. “I may get there. He may get me there but here’s the awful dilemma that we face: if we don’t impeach him, that sends a message that this kind of conduct, this kind of obstruction of justice, this kind of willing use of the help of a foreign adversary, all the lies and cover up, that this is non-impeachable.

Unfortunately for Schiff, he was about to be nuked by old his old buddy Bill Maher.
“But this [the Russia probe] was our big gun,” Maher explained. “Now it just looks like you’re stalking him [President Donald Trump].”

Watch as life slowly leaves Adam Schiff, SHOCKED by Maher’s comment