On Thursday, Rep. Jim Jordan a member of the House Judiciary Committee, blasted House Democrats, calling their treatment of Attorney General William Barr “craziness.”

Jordan said “Think about how crazy that is, the very moment [Nadler] is making that statement”, referring to the proposed format changes by committee Chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y) to allow committee staff to question Barr after members of the committee, Bill Barr is testifying in front of Congress, he’s in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. That is craziness.”

Committee chairman Jerry Nadler accused Barr of being “terrified” to face the committee on Thursday, saying “I can understand why he’s afraid of facing more intensive examination.”

Speaking on Hill.TV, Jordan debunked Nadlers claim that the attorney general is “not afraid to come testify,” but said Barr is rightfully opposed to Democrats’ efforts to change the format of the hearing.

Jordan also supported Barr’s decision not to appear before the House Committee on Thursday, saying “What he doesn’t like, and I don’t blame him, is being trashed by Democrats for the past three weeks and having then format changed days before he’s supposed to come in and testify.”