All Hell Broke Loose, One Obama Ally, Former DOJ Official Admits FBI Illegally Spied On Trump Campaign

The former Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday during a Las Vegas event aired on MSNBC said Attorney General Barr, ‘his successor’ is well within his bounds to describe the surveillance of the Trump Campaign by the FBI as “Spying.”

A word the current A.G used to describe the Obama’s administration attempt to pry into the Trump campaign over so called suspicious activities in connection with the Kremlins.

Barr’s choice of word has come under scrutiny by lot of Democrats and also by Christopher Wray, the current FBI Director. Wray testifying before the Senate this week walked back on A.G Barr’s choice of word when he said “he wouldn’t use the word “spying” to describe the FBI’s surveillance activity.”

When asked about the recent split between Barr and Wray over the word “Spying”, Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions said “I think spying is a perfectly good word.”
Appearing on set with Jeff Sessions, was Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who also backed Mr. Barr, saying there was spying and the question is whether it was legally predicated or not.

In summer of 2016, Disgraced FBI Director Comey who led the investigation into the Trump Campaign also said the FBI does not “spy” but “investigates.” That which recent revelations that the FBI sent an undercover agent to meet with George Papadopoulos in London in 2016 has debunked, as former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper agreed with A.G Barr that what the FBI had been doing “meets the dictionary definition of spying.”

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