Capitol Hill Meeting Got HEATED, A.G Barr MOCKS Old Pelosi, Totally FRAUSTRATED After Accusation. ‘Dares Her To Her Face’

Following A.G Barr’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused the Trump official of lying to congress. An accusation that was immediately rebuffed by the DOJ.

In a face to face meeting on Wednesday, Attorney General William Barr asked House speaker Pelosi if she ”brought her handcuffs” to the Capitol Hill event.

Pelosi told reporters earlier this month “What is deadly serious about it is the attorney general of the United States of America was not telling the truth to the Congress of the United States” “That’s a crime.”
Adding that she’s open to the possibility of him facing jail time.

Witnesses present said Pelosi smiled and, per a bystander, told Barr the House Sergeant at Arms was there should an arrest be needed. Barr laughed; walked away.

FREE BEACON- Barr, a proponent of executive power, has become the Democrats’ top enemy in the Trump administration in the months following the conclusion of the Mueller investigation, with accusations that he whitewashed its conclusions to Trump’s benefit.
Barr also skipped a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Mueller report a day after testifying in front of the Senate.

A decision that has gotten Nadler and a lot more Trump-Deranged Democrats pissed off.

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