President Trump Alongside Democrats Nightmare A.G Barr TRIGGERED Profuse SWEATING For Top Democrat Members

“Pencil Neck” Adam Schiff and a lot more triggered Democrats are getting tensed up by the hour, claiming to have really lost faith in the very system they twisted for years in the quest to meet their political goals.

The New A.G Barr has been the latest worst nightmare for the entire DNC over the past few months of his confirmation.
Starting with his obvious confirmation of the act of “Spying” on the Trump Campaign, his effortless trolling of the Democrat Queen Nancy Pelosi last week by asking her if she brought her handcuffs. And his stands with President Trump calling the Russia investigation a “Witch hunt.” Helpless Democrats are spilling their corrupt guts all over the place.

When asked about the president’s use of the term “witch hunt,” he said he was comfortable with it. “I use what words I use and it was an investigation. But I think if I had been falsely accused, I would be comfortable saying it was a witch hunt.” Barr said.

In an attempt to cool off, Pencil Neck Adam Schiff came out swinging nervously. And in a tweet said;
“Barr says Trump’s campaign was “spied” upon. Trump claims treason. Both are incendiary. Neither is true.” Schiff said. Claiming the DOJ is undergoing “Trumpification” 6:51 PM · May 17, 2019

This was after President Trump puts the entire Spygate coup plotters on notice Friday morning in a tweetstorm saying “TREASON Means Long Jail Sentences, and This Was TREASON!”

Barr is a necessary addition to the justice system and all his actions is completely justified. The Democrats can continue whining about what true justice is about to land on them, but there would be total loss of faith in the American Justice System if Barr where to turn a blind eye on what happened.

The IG report is on its way, looking brutal as ever and a blazing addition of U.S Attorney John H. Hurham is not looking too good for Democrats, as really interesting criminal referrals are likely to be made.

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