In an attempt to make another Democrat the successor of Barack Obama’s, the entire DNC anchored by the Obama administration and in collaboration with the Clinton campaign launched illegal spying into their political opponent Donald Trump. And with the use of the nation’s security agencies / services, created the Trump-Russia Hoax in other to cripple his administration.

After Barr’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee early this month, where he said that “spying” on the Trump campaign did occur and his latest move to investigate the origins of the Russia investigation, Democrats have taken a different and more vicious approach towards the new A.G.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Barr had gone “off the rails” for making spy claims and also accused him of serving trump rather than working for the American people. Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee said Barr’s spy claim is irresponsible.

According to Thegatewaypundit, Obama’s corrupt “wingman,” Attorney General Eric Holder lashed out at Bill Barr this weekend. Holder accused Barr of protecting President Trump and asserted that the Attorney General started his probe of the Intel/FBI for political reasons. Holder didn’t end there as he went on to say A.G Barr isn’t fit to lead the DOJ.

Ari Fleischer, the former White House press secretary for President George W. Bush, on “The Ingraham Angle” said “If the Democrats held themselves to the same standards they tried to hold the Trump administration to, they would be guilty of obstruction of justice themselves the way they’re going after the attorney general.”

According to Thegatewaypundit, Obama’s officials from Holder, to Comey, Brennan and Clapper have gone into overdrive attacking Barr on Twitter and in various media appearances because they know they are in serious trouble.

Former AG Eric Holder ran an illegal gun running operation (Fast and Furious) and was held in criminal contempt of Congress so he has no room to speak on Barr’s leadership.