In a letter to Robert Mueller, Rep. Jerry Nadler and Rep. Adam Schiff wrote that they understood Mueller had reservations about appearing on Capitol Hill, but they insists he do so, anyway.

Although this is considered against all odds to provide any additional information except definite waste of more money and time, the Trump-Hating Dem’s consider the move a victory in their effort to overturn the position of the American Elect President, thus potentially reshaping the political landscape around his re-election campaign and a possible impeachment inquiry by the Democrat-controlled House.

Speaking on Fox News Tuesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham told Sean Hannity that the decision by Democrats to have former special counsel Robert Mueller testify will “blow up in their faces.”

It is case closed for me. He said. They can do anything they want to in the House, and I think it will blow up in their face. It will blow up in their face. This will blow up in their face. The conclusions can’t change, there is no collusion, that’s what the whole thing was about to begin with. Graham added.

The Democrats might have just answered the prayers of Top Republicans in the house.
Trey Gowdy speaking on Hannity Show on Wednesday, suggested a couple of questions, which when asked, Robert Mueller isn’t going to hold back in throwing Democrats under the bus.