Democrat Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren released Thursday a an absurd Immigration plan to increase admission of illegal immigrants into the country by a whooping 800% increase.
A plan she called “A Fair and Welcoming Immigration System.”

Bongino reports – The rate of refugees–under Warren’s plan–would increase to eight times the rate of President Trump’s refugee total last year, in which approximately 22,000 were welcomed into the country.

Warren writes, “At a time when 70 million are displaced around the world, President Trump has abused his authority to lower the refugee cap for the United States, admitting just over 22,000 refugees in total last year. I’ll welcome 125,000 refugees in my first year, and ramping up to at least 175,000 refugees per year by the end of my first term.”

Attacking Trump in the process, Warren tweeted;

President Trump has taken our immigration system to its most punitive extreme, but his racist policies build on a broken system and an enforcement infrastructure already primed for abuse. Today, I’m announcing my plan to reform our immigration system. 17:00 • 11 July 2019

Warrens plan wont only reverse the miraculous work the Trump administration has been doing for years, but would increase the sum of illegals by at least a 100,000. Forcing the economy to provide for them what is due only to an American Citizen………..Warren’s plan.