Supporter Attacked Elizabeth Warren, Her Presidential Aspiration Hits Rock Bottom After Lying To Entire Americans

Caught Red handed, Sen. Elizabeth Warren AKA Pocahontas apologizes for lying to Americans….

“How do you overcome the bridge with voters like me who like you, who like your plans, who like what you have to say but have concerns about your honesty?” A supporter asked.
Warren may as well step off the race as she’s already begun loosing before it’s commences.

The 2020 Presidential hopeful who voiced her support for increasing illegal immigration to over 800%, may her self be considered an alien. Is her promises American or purely political ?

Driving a stake through Warren’s heart, Elizabeth Radecic said she developed a better understanding for the reasoning behind her affirmative action.
But Warren, according to her had disrespected that reasoning by stating, earlier in her career, that she had Native American ancestry.

‘The Five’ co-host Juan Williams weighs in on how Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Native American ancestry claim is impacting her campaign.


Warren previously apologized to the Cherokee Nation after it issued a statement denouncing her apparent attempt to prove a connection through a DNA test, and continues to blame her claim on things her family told her when she was younger.

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