Top lawyer revealed that he knew Robert Mueller had mental issues when they met in 2016 concerning the Russia Collusion investigation. A condition which he said manifested as “Impaired Cognition” during Mueller’s testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee. The Democrats knew but still used him anyway.

WashintonExaminer – Mueller testified in front of the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees on Wednesday on his two investigations into Russian influence and the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russian agents.

Throughout his testimony, Mueller appeared to forgetmany details outlined in his report, even contradicting it in an exchange with Republican Georgia Rep. Doug Collins. Mueller stuttered, misheard questions, and gave elusive answers for nearly seven hours of testimony.

Giuliani tweeted about the Special counsel mental situation…

And speaking to One America’s Neil W. McCabe, Rudy Giuliani slammed the former special counsel’s performance by saying if he didn’t put the country through hell for two years chasing a hoax then he would feel sorry for Mueller.

This was before reiterating that the special counsel long had mental issues right from the very beginning.