It’s over.. Democrats took a brutal loss Tuesday after federal judge dismissed a lawsuit against Donald Trump claiming his presidential campaign conspired with Russia and WikiLeaks to hack the DNC’s emails in the run-up to the 2016 election.

According to the law suit, members of the Trump Campaign violated U.S. racketeering, computer fraud and other laws in a “brazen attack on American democracy.”

A suit that was tossed aside by Clinton appointed Judge John G. Koeltl, who said Russia was “undoubtably” the primary wrongdoer in the alleged criminal enterprise, but the country can’t be sued in U.S. courts except in special circumstances not present in this case. Meanwhile, he said the actions of the Trump campaign and others were protected by the First Amendment.

“In sum, the DNC does not allege any facts to show plausibly that any of the defendants, other than the Russia Federation, had any role in hacking the DNC’s computers or stealing its information,” Koeltl wrote. “It attributes that conduct only to the Russian Federation. “And the DNC does not dispute that the documents were of public importance. Therefore, the First Amendment protects the publication of those stolen documents,” the judge said.

Trump took the celebration of the ruling to Twitter, rubbing salt in the DNC’s wound and calling it an end to the “Witch Hunt.”


In pains of total loss to Tump, the DNC wrote in an email saying, “At first glance, this opinion raises serious concerns about our protections from foreign election interference and the theft of private property to advance the interests of our enemies,” the committee said in an email, adding that “the Trump administration and Republican leaders in Congress are ignoring warnings from the president’s own intelligence officials about foreign interference in the 2020 election.”