The Democratic Presidential hopeful is facing increasing scrutiny over a political stunt he pulled to celebrate Independence Day, when he illegally and personally escorted five migrants across the US-Mexico border. Reports say Booker now faces the possibility of arrest.

According to independent reporter Andrew Kimmel, the asylum seekers had been sent back to Mexico after applying for asylum as per the Trump administration’s Migrant Protection Protocols (MMP) program, which mandates that asylum seekers wait in Mexico as their asylum claims are processed. …

In defense of his actions, Booker told Kimmel and a group of other reporters Wednesday that he believes the five asylum seekers were “unjustly denied the ability to present themselves for asylum.”

That was patently false. The fact that they must wait for their asylum claims to be processed isn’t in any way, shape or form equivalent to them being “unjustly denied” the right to apply for asylum. …(From BRP)

In an effort to blast president Trump, Booker also said “It’s given me a greater conviction, a greater sense of determination, to fix this broken system & to correct the horrible things that Donald Trump is doing from the exec. office. I believe the next president can transform this system to make it safer & stronger as a nation…”

Keep in mind, this action is in open violation of federal immigration laws, do you think Booker should be arrested?.