Rep. Ilhan Omar, be guilty of federal tax fraud, federal immigration fraud, federal student loan fraud, perjury, and bigamy. A Republican Senator said; If a Republican Congresswoman had been accused of all these crimes, reporters would be in an uproar. Rep. Omar is a serial criminal, and our national security is at stake. It’s time to yank her ass out.

State Rep. Steve Drazkowski said in a press release that “Rep. Omar has been found guilty of campaign finance abuses by the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board (CFB), which is expected to take further action against her on Wednesday. [ BREAKING: CAUGHT RED HANDED, TOP DEMOCRAT & 2020 PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE INDICTED FOR AIDING AND ABETTING ILLEGAL ALIENS]

In addition to previous campaign finance abuses, Rep. Omar was found on June 6, 2019 to have illegally used campaign funds for personal use and illegally diverting campaign funds for travel to Washington, Boston, New York, Chicago, and Florida.


“It is time to yank her access to America’s highest levels of security access and briefings. Minnesota deserves better, and America demands more.”