A well respected attorney appeared on Fox News to blast Top House Democrats obsessed with impeachment push. In a heated interview with Host Jesse Watters, he said that Democrats “need therapy” for their “mental illness.”

Both Congressman Al Green and Dem. Rep. Jerry Nadler are long overdue for this treatment.
Nadler previously came under fire, claiming he had open a formal impeachment proceeding. His decision was seen as being deceitful to lots of americans.

Former House Representative said “Either Nadler file articles of impeachment and put them on the floor of the House for a vote, or SHUT UP.

Al Green is also one of the biggest advocates for impeachment, he previously argued that impeaching President Donald Trump will mean some big donors won’t want to hold fundraisers for him with that cloud over his head.

In response Watters said; “This is about branding the president, driving his numbers down, and intimidating donors and voters into supporting him.”

Giuliani said that Democrats “need therapy” for their “mental illness”:
“There are a lot of psychiatrists in New York, more psychiatrists than any place else. I would suggest they go to the psychiatrist, get help. He’s been cleared three times. He’s my client. I’ve never had a client that’s been cleared three times. Once is usually enough. Twice is ridiculous. Three times? He didn’t collude with the Russians! He didn’t obstruct justice! Get over it!”

Guiliani further said Speaker Nancy Pelosi is at least holding into some “adult maturity” by being hesitant on impeachment, while saying Jerry Nadler “wants to be on daytime television.”

Nancy has faced lots of backlash, having a different form of approach towards impeaching Trump.

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