She thought her liberal district of San Francisco would protect her. Unfortunately for her, establishment Democrats are getting a run for their money in 2020. Dear old Nancy is threatened.

PatriotJournal report says because Democrats have focused most of their tine and energy in office in pursuit of Trump’s impeachment, they have gradually lost the supports of the general population of their own districts.

The article states the following:

Even her own party is rebelling against her, with the Squad basically taking over the face and leadership of the party.

Now, it lookslike she’s got her own homegrown challenger.

A popular conservative host and commentator is taking on the Queen Bee herself.Author, commentator and YouTube host Deanna Lorraine announced her challenge today to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in California’s 12th Congressional District.

Deanna Lorraine said

Under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership, the Democrat Party has hit rock bottom,” Lorraine opened. “Democrats today are not the Democrats of my parents’ generation. Their radical turn has left the party of John F. Kennedy far behind, and instead has turned to all out communism.

Deanna Lorraine is a San Francisco resident, author, commentator, and conservative figure.
She is boldly challenging Pelosi in her own hometown, inspiring locals to take back their district.

Lorraine is also the author of Making Love Great Again, a book about restoring marriage and family in America.

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