Corrupt Obama Appointed Judge pulled the plug on Trump asylum policy on Monday. This political motivated stunt was pulled despite clear evidence that the asylum policy works. Reports suggest Judge Tigar has a political bias towards Donald Trump and this is merely the first time he has abused his power in court.

According to the article

Tigar on Monday issued an order granting a motion to restore the injunction NATIONWIDE rather than just two border states within his jurisdiction.

Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan blasted Tigar’s ruling on Monday and said it was a result of “unprecedented judicial activism.”

Previously, a DC judge declined to stop the new asylum policy from being implemented, so Obama’s activist judge Jon Tigar stepped in as if he was elected by the American people to make decisions on immigration.
This isn’t the first time that Judge Tigar has stepped in and abused his power from the bench.

In November Tigar blocked Trump’s asylum policy if the migrants entered the US through a port of entry.

US Attorney General William Barr demanded the end of nationwide injunctions over the weekend in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

Nationwide injunctions, Barr wrote, “create an unfair, one-way system in which the democratically accountable government must fend off case after case to put its policy into effect, while those challenging the policy need only find a single sympathetic judge.”

Barr asserted that our Founding Fathers never intended the courts to “act as a ‘council of revision’ with sweeping authority to reach beyond concrete controversies and rule on the legality of actions taken by the political branches.”

And just a few days after Barr’s op-ed calling for the end of nationwide injunctions, an Obama activist judge once again impedes the Trump Administration’s asylum policy with a nationwide injunction.

Hundreds of thousands immigrants are expected to be affected by the restrictions placed by Judge Tigar, with a vast majority of over 688,375 immigrants apprehended at the southern border having traveled from Central America through Mexico.

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