Capitol hill lit up Tuesday, just days after the summer recess. As leaders of the House Oversight and Reform Committee Rep. Jim Jordan and Chairman Elijah Cummings charge themselves into what one would figuratively describe as a fist fight.

Ranking member Jim Jordan of Ohio sent a new letter to Chairman Elijah Cummings of Maryland Tuesday saying the Democrats’ charge that Jordan lied in a previous letter about the details of Democrats’ recent visit to Mexico was in itself a lie.

The article goes states the following:

“No matter how hard you try to spin your conduct, you cannot legitimize your politicized oversight,” Jordan wrote in the letter.

“We are concerned that because you have chosen to politicize border security, your oversight will not lead to the real legislative reforms needed to solve the crisis at our southern border. Your entire course of conduct in investigating the Administration’s border security efforts has been in pursuit of facts to fit your preconceived political narrative.”

Jordan has accused Cummings and other committee Democrats of hiding information about Democratic lawmakers’ trips to Mexico in August, asking what “oversight” they provided while out of the country.

He demanded a detailed itinerary, congressional oversight they provided, a list of attendees, why the State Department was not advised about the trips, and if they plan to visit Mexico again.

He inquired about Rep. Veronica Escobar of Texas’ involvement after Customs and Border Protection officials said her staff coached migrants about U.S. asylum.

Cummings replied with answers to each accusation, saying his staff notified Jordan “at least five days” before the Juarez trip, that Republicans were invited, that the State Department was notified “the day before.”

“Your claim that I have ‘not explained’ why I authorized this trip and your suggestion that the purpose of this trip was to ‘coach’ immigrants on how to exploit immigration law loopholes are also inaccurate,” Cummings wrote.

“My staff informed your staff — before the trip — that the purpose was to see firsthand the shelter currently housing immigrants who are being blocked from entering the United States to request asylum under our laws.”

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