Hillary Clinton spent an hour At the Venetian Teatro Italia yesterday, reading an exhibit titled, “HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails.” It is a replica of the Oval Office’s Resolute Desk and over 60,000 pages of Clinton’s emails.

The article goes on to state the following:

According to Kenneth Goldsmith, the artist behind the exhibit, Clinton “spent an hour” reading her own emails and shared pictures of her visit.
Clinton reportedly told local media that the exhibit “is further proof that nothing wrong or controversial can be found on these emails.”

The failed 2016 presidential candidate was widely mocked on Twitter.

“Hillary should fire all of her advisors and anyone else who said this was a good idea,” syndicated columnist Jonah Goldberg reacted.

Some particularly had fun with the photo she took behind the Resolute Desk and compared it to cartoons and films. Others, however, also invoked the “30,000” emails that Clinton had erased amid her email controversy.

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