Crooked Hillary Clinton on Friday, took a jab at President Trump, looking to blame him for a collusion yet to happen, in an election yet to come.

“The president asked a foreign power to help him win an election. Again,” Hillary Clinton tweeted.

Clinton was responding to Giuliani’s interview on CNN the previous night in which he said “of course” he asked Ukraine to look into Biden, the current Democratic presidential front-runner for 2020.

It didint take long before her jab at the president backfired. People immediately reminded her of what she did in the past.

“You did exactly the SAME THING, then you destroyed hard drives full of emails. ” – @david_swinford tweeted.

President Trump won the election because you were a TERRIBLE candidate, Hillary, possibly the worst of ALL TIME.
I feel sorry for you. This bitterness must be so difficult to deal with. We know because you spend EVERY DAMN DAY making excuses.
BTW, Trump is your President ? – @Hoosiers1986 tweeted

”The President is asking a Foreign Power for information to help him bring Leftist Lawbreakers to justice. Nothing wrong with that at all – in fact, it’s what he should do. “- @JohnFromCranber said.

@zoochum said, “ How much did your campaign spend funding the Steele dossier again? Perhaps Marc Elias will be testifying in the near future to clear these things up… “

@daverburgess said, “ You are so lacking in self awareness! This is the same government you & the DNC used to get dirt on Mannafort. Why can’t you either go away or just stop embarrassing yourself! “