Caught fabricating evidence, capitol hill lit up as executive order to ‘Impeach’ and send treasonous pencil-neck adam schiff to prison, rocks pelosi, entire congress.

Loud mouth Adam Schiff couldn’t keep his lies to himself and now, seems he just bit more than he could chew when he made up false statement claiming they were the words of President Trump During his call with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

Trump wrote on twitter saying “Rep. Adam Schiff illegally made up a FAKE & terrible statement, pretended it to be mine as the most important part of my call to the Ukrainian President, and read it aloud to Congress and the American people, It bore NO relationship to what I said on the call. Arrest for Treason?”

Below is a comparison of Statements from President Trump and Adam Schiff:

1) What Trump said: “I will say that we do a lot for Ukraine. We spend a lot of effort and a lot of time. Much more than the European countries are doing and they should be helping you more than they are.”
What Schiff said: “We have been very good to your country, very good. No other country has done as much as we have.”

2) What Trump said: “I wouldn’t say that it’s reciprocal necessarily because things are happening that are not good but the United States has been very, very good to Ukraine.”
What Schiff said: “But you know what? I don’t see much reciprocity here.”

3) What Trump said: “I would like you to do us a favor though because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it.”
What Schiff said: “I have a favor I want from you though.”

4) What Trump said: “There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great.”
What Schiff said: “I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent. Lots of it. … I’m going to put you in touch with people, not just any people, I am going to put you in touch with the attorney general, my attorney general Bill Barr.”

5) What Trump said: “I will have Mr. Giuliani give you a call, and I am also going to have Attorney General Barr call and we will get to the bottom of it.”
What Schiff said: “I’m going to put you in touch with Rudy. You are going to love him. Trust me. You know what I’m asking. So I’m only going to say this a few more times. In a few more ways.”

Adam Schiff stood up in front of the American people, with millions of people listening and told those lies against President Trump. So yes, he should be arrested for treason.

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Scott Webster

Commonsense July 22,1998 treaty was signed between Ukraine and the United States on mutual legal assistance in criminal corruption exchanged between the two countries. The impeachment by the deep state criminal thugs will not happen in a United States Constitution law and order country.

Jackie Traverson
Jackie Traverson

I actually heard what Shiff said. It was worse than what is written above. He actually admitted it was a parody. WTF?
Since when does anyone get away with such garbage as chairman of any government committee?


Schiff & Pelosi are career politicians who have become pathological liars! They have become a disgrace and embarrassment to our country!
How can they have the audacity to be in front of the public and not read the transcript first which shows no wrongdoing- Pelosi. As for Schiff, how can he change the original transcript and read it? And then jokingly say it’s a parody? What a fool! He thinks its funny!
They are committing fraud to We The American people and the nation. I’d say, arrest for treason!


It seemed like his fantasy, what he wishes trump said. Its pathological, sick.


This is the kind of Schiffhead thing only a Schiff for brains would do and then call it a parody.
SO hell-bent, so useless…
They should all be fired for wasting 3 years not doing the jobs they overpay themselves for with tax payer money. If this bunch of baffoons walks away from this with no consequence it will be a grave error on Trump’s part and could very well be a catalyst of swidespread civil unrest. Follow that with election meddling resulting in an obviously rigged result and unrest becomes war…on and crackin!


The American people , the ones with half a brain can see that Schiff is a traitor.

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