Calling Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her impeachment cronies “Sore Losers”, Senator Lindsey Graham of the House Juficiary Commitee on Tuesday, said not one Senate Republican will vote to remove President Donald Trump from office “because he did nothing wrong.”

Appearing on Fox News with Sean Hannity, Sen. Graham discussed the ongoing House impeachment inquiry. Where he criticized House Dems as “sore losers” engaged in an “unfair process” and offered his opinion about how far things would go in the Senate.

“You have to accept that President Trump is president,” Graham said of House Democrats. “That’s the problem. They don’t accept that President Trump won the election, and America hates a sore loser as much as any country on the planet. This is an unfair process being driven by sore losers and there is not one vote in the United States Senate to impeach President Trump based on this phone call because he did nothing wrong.”

He immediately clarified that he meant “among Republicans” in the Senate.

Sean Hannity then asked the Senator about how Dems would behave “if it was Vice President Trump and Don Jr.” before listing people he would like to see testify, including former VP Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Adam Schiff.

“Can you call them before your committee?” he asked.
Graham cited “constitutional separations” for not being able to interview Schiff, but concluded that the Bidens should be investigated by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee since the issue “was about foreign aid.”
“The president’s denied right to counsel and Republicans can’t call witnesses without Schiff agreeing, so this whole thing is a sham,” Graham said of the inquiry.