House of Representatives minority whip Rep. Steve Scalise on Thursday, revealed the Partisan power granted to Corrupt Adam Schiff by Democratic led impeachment resolution.

The article states the following:

Scalise pointed to “impeachment inquiry procedures” laid out in a House resolution giving Schiff the ability to reject witnesses proposed by the Republican minority.

“There are sections of the resolution that allow the [Adam Schiff] to literally have veto power over Republican witnesses,” Scalise noted. “There’s a section in the resolution that allows the chairman to literally kick the president’s legal counsel out of the room out of the room if he so chooses, not because there has been some wrong that was done, [but] just because, all at the whim of the chairman.”

Scalise contrasted the aforementioned procedures with those of previous impeachment proceedings with former presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.

“Under the Clinton and Nixon impeachments, both sides had the ability to call witnesses [and] to subpoena witnesses,” Scalise stated. “Also, the president had the legal power to have his legal counsel in the room to question witnesses. All of that, today, is at the discretion of [Adam Schiff].”

Schiff is also empowered to obstruct Republican cross-examination of witnesses, he explained.

“Just this week, [Adam Schiff] directed the witness to refuse to answer certain questions that were asked by Republicans on the committee,” Scalise said. “So [Adam Schiff] literally is telling the witness not to answer certain questions Republicans are asking. That happened this week.”



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