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Hell About To Break Loose, Author of Clinton Paid Steele Dossier To Testify Under Oath, Send Shock Waves To Entire DNC

The former MI6 agent Christopher Steele who was behind the anti-Trump dossier, and has also been accused by President Trump…

It Not Yet Over! Christopher Steele Takes Cover As US Attorney Durham Sets To Unleash Hell On Spy Gate

Christopher Steele, a former Russia expert for the British spy agency MI6 was hired in 2016 by Fusion GPS (paid…

Brennan Finally On His Knees, Blames Bad Information For Constant Attacks On POTUS, Makes Trump Take Unbelievable Action

March of 2019, Former CIA Director John Brennan attacked president Trump in a tweet storm, calling the President a “Charlatan.”

Hell Froze Over, Corrupt Deep state FBI In Biggest Mess, Unlawful Trump ACCUSATION Comes Back To BITE Them

Christopher Steele, a Former British spy and the man behind the infamous “Trump dossier,” admitted to congress, in a closed…

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